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Ganadores del Concurso Kazakhstan Astana World Expo 2017

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Ganadores del Concurso Kazakhstan Astana World Expo 2017

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Ganan el concurso Expo 2017 Design Competition de Astana

AS+GG’s design was selected as the winner of the international competition that featured 105 entries from all over the world including Coop Himmelb(l)au, Zaha Hadid Architects, GMP International, Massimiliano, Studio Pei-Zhu, UNStudio, Snohetta, HOK, Isozaki, Aoki & Associates, and Safdie Architects.


International Expositions take place every 2 or 3 years and last for a duration of 3 months. The most recent International Expo was in Yeosu, Korea in 2012. Each Expo chooses a specialized theme that generates the discourse of the architecture, events, and demonstrations of the event. The theme for the upcoming Expo in Astana is “Future Energy.” The theme is aimed at finding ways to achieve qualitative changes in the energy sector, primarily for the development of alternative sources of energy and new ways of transportation. Finding sustainable energy supplies is a critical and growing global concern. The solution to these concerns ensures economic growth and improved social standards while reducing the burden on the environment.

AS+GG’s design for EXPO-2017 will embrace the Future Energy concept by becoming the first Third Industrial Revolution city, where energy consumed by the Expo community will be provided from renewable sources. Buildings will become generators of power and their energy will be stored using innovative technologies while being distributed by a smart grid. The Expo community will provide infrastructure to encourage and support the use of vehicles that use renewable fuels.

“The forms and language of the buildings are designed to reduce their energy needs and operate as “power plants” that harness energy from the sun and/or wind,” says AS+GG Partner Gordon Gill, FAIA. “The buildings will use this power directly or supply it to the district-wide smart grid for storage or use.”

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